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The motif of the artist based on pebbles is to express his life in the society in a flexible manner. The constant crashing waves and piles of pebbles worn and worn out in all kinds of wind conditions are also an allegory of life that reflects the strata of life and its layers. Looking at each stone, it penetrates numerous times and spaces that we are unable to imagine, revealing traces and scars of existence in different forms. Butterflies appear as a topic of conversation in oriental culture, meaning wealth and longevity as an ideological union, but quoting the author, another connection of meanings can be seen. "There is a butterfly flying in my screen as inevitable. On the surface, it has a dynamic meaning that breathes life into a lifeless stone, but under the deep stairs of consciousness, an unforgotten woman, my lovely wife suddenly left me and transformed into a butterfly. I dont know if the wife is a butterfly or a butterfly is a wife, as in the dream of Zhuangzi, Chinese philosopher, but the parting is really vain." Through the authors words, we can sense that the countless stones he has drawn so far were the artists self-portrait and the process of overcoming life. In particular, his NFT artwork is noteworthy as it introduces a formative device to feel the fine movement of the butterfly by digital motion -working a butterfly that has been drawn delicately.

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